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Working Dog Chicken and Rice Rings



Bag Size Cost Price per kilo
15kg £28.32 £1.89
30kg (2 x 15kg) £50.64 £6.00 £1.69

An excellent value for money working dog food. With sensitive chicken, excellent quality ingredients and a unique large ring kibble to aid digestion. Ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Our lowest priced food, but still made with real chicken meat and containing no cheap fillers.

Full compliment of vitaminsand minerals to maintain health and vitality
Oral Care – Maize adds a crunchy/fibrous texture to the kibble which helps to promote oral health
Eco-Friendly – Made in the United Kingdom Skin & Coat
Contains Poultry Fat which contributes omega -6 fatty acids for coat and skin conditioning
Kibble Size – Shape Ring, length 5.5mm, width 16mm
Shelf Life – 18 months
Ideally suited to dogs between 1 – 7 years

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  • Barley
  • Maize
  • Chicken meat meal
  • Rice
  • Chicken fat
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
  • Contains EC permitted colourants


  • Protein 20%
  • Oil 8%
  • Fibre 3.5%
  • Ash 10%


“In addition to breeding dogs we own working gun dogs, and several pet dogs, due to the large amount of dogs we own we have always been restricted by price and have tried to feed them the best food we could afford. I used to mix our dry biscuits with meat in order for my dogs to eat them, since we started using Little Chompers our dogs happily eat the food dry, this is the only working dog food I have ever tried that all of our dogs will eat, we have noticed a massive difference in terms of shiny coats on all of the dogs but our working dogs have improved massively they have more energy and are in much better condition. We own a 19 year old dog who even loves the food!”

From Alison Wildey

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15kg, 2 x 15kg = 30kg


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