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Little Chompers food is amazing. My dog Charlie (black lab) has a very sensitive stomach and we have tried various brands of dog food. Nothing seemed to settle his stomach until we switched to Little Chompers Duck and Potato food. Since being on that Charlie tummy is fine and his coat is very shiner. I totally recommend this food to anyone. Plus we also save money!!!

Karen Livingstone Said…

I was using a well known branded food for my own large pack of dogs and our boarding dogs but I was never happy with the results, my dogs were prone to be thin and theirs stools loose. Since I have started using Little Chompers I have noticed that all the dogs will happily eat the food, the working dogs I own have gained weight for the first time and all of the dogs have a healthy shine to their coats. I have also noticed a big difference in the firmness of the dogs stools. I am very happy with this food and would recommend it to anyone, I am actually saving money as I don’t need to feed as much to keep my dogs in good shape.

Holly Atkinson Said…

In addition to breeding dogs we own working gun dogs, and several pet dogs, due to the large amount of dogs we own we have always been restricted by price and have tried to feed them the best food we could afford. I used to mix our dry biscuits with meat in order for my dogs to eat them, since we started using Little Chompers our dogs happily eat the food dry, this is the only working dog food I have ever tried that all of our dogs will eat, we have noticed a massive difference in terms of shiny coats on all of the dogs but our working dogs have improved massively they have more energy and are in much better condition. We own a 19 year old dog who even loves the food!

Alison Wildey Said…

Behaviour is undoubtedly affected by diet and I frequently recommend a change of food as part of a behaviour modification programme. I view the important constituents of a dog’s food to be the correct balance of quality of ingredients, so that they are accessible through the digestive process, with nothing unnecessary added, like artificial preservatives, flavourings, and colourings. These qualities are normally only found in the more expensive complete foods, but Little Chompers fulfils the same criteria at a much more reasonable price. I have no hesitation in recommending the Little Chompers range.

David Ryan Said…

Hello, my name is Sarah Potter and I own a lively, but beautiful and fun 9 month old springer spaniel named Ziggy. His aim in life is to run, run and run some more! My aim is to breed off Ziggy eventually, but at the moment am concentrating on looking after him. Ziggy has been on Little Chompers food from the day i got him at 8 weeks old and has benefited from the fact that its all hypo-allergenic and wheat/gluten free, it really shows by his shiny and soft coat and bright eyes. I also know that he loves it because within minutes its gone! I think a good food for a dog shows and Ziggy well he must be the happiest dog around…. Thank you Little Chompers.

Sarah Potter Said…

Willow is a lively 7 month black Labrador and her goal in life is to eat eat and eat. I had tried her on a couple of well known brands to begin with but of course this is costly after a while. I started using Little Chompers Premium Puppy food and have to say that I am very happy with the results. A) It fills Willow with the right ingredients that’s good for her health B) It gives her a shiny coat and C) It’s reasonably priced and the service is excellent. What more could you want for your dog. Of course if Willow had her say she’d want to eat it all day – typical Lab!

Allison Gething Said…

We were recently advised to change the food we were giving to our terrier pups by an animal behaviourist. We were feeding our pups a well known brand of biscuits mixed with meat, not only were their stomachs churning over and they had terrible wind,it was thought that the colourings and such were not helping them at all. Little Chompers was recommended. We phoned that very day and after a friendly chat and some advice we switched to their premium puppy chicken and rice, the food was delivered to our door. We thought it would be difficult to switch our pups to just dry food but it couldn’t have been easier, both of them wolfed the food down and they love it!!!! The dogs digestion is better (less wind, no loose stools) and I just know that they are getting good wholesome food. Would, have and will recommend Little Chompers food.

Claire Scott Said…

I changed my three Border Collies onto this in September. One of them has a very sensitive stomach and is only ok on a salmon and potato diet. They can all be a bit picky with their food so I have kept them all on a salmon and potato diet for ease and because it is palatable. I changed from another well known brand (which was at least £7 a bag dearer) without any problem and the dogs look great on it. They have lovely shiny coats and what is more they really enjoy the food. It is very palatable and you know it has a good percentage of fish content when my cats decide they want some of the dog food!

Nicki Belton Said…

Our Boxer dog Jess is now 10 years old and we have her since she was 7. We rescued her from a lifetime of abuse and neglect and she was eventually dumped at the side of a motorway and picked up by a dog warden and taken to a rescue centre.
When we collected her from the rescue centre she weighed 32 kilograms and was practically bald. Her nails were so long they had curled under and cut her paw pads. All of her boxer dog wrinkles were really badly infected and sore. Her ears were severely infected, swollen and very very smelly. She had black scarred skin under each of her legs and the whole of her underbelly. The whole of her flanks were bald and black and she was very very itchy!!!
We took her to the vets straight away and ended up spending a fortune (£3000!!) on skin biopsies, allergy tests etc and in the end they suggested ridiculously expensive food – including some with salmon and potato as ingredients. We started her on this food and she very slowly started to improve, with love and care and walks and every sort of cream possible (Sudacrem, Camrosa, antibiotic cream for her wrinkles etc etc) she got down to her normal weight of 24 kilograms, her paws had recovered but she still had bald patches behind her ears and on her flanks and was still getting recurrent ear infections which made her itch her ears even more.
We were spending nearly £200 per month on dog food for her until we found Little Chompers! We had already been feeding her salmon and potato complete dog kibbles but with a very expensive brand and when we compared the ingredients with Little Chompers Salmon and Potato the other branded food had so much rubbish added to it no wonder her skin and ears wasn’t improving!
Since Jess has been eating Little Chompers Salmon and Potato dog food all her bald patches have cleared up – the black damaged scar tissue is repairing itself as the hair has grown over it – she hasn’t had infected ears for months now and her coat is glossy and she generally looks much healthier – and she loves the taste as well!! Even though she is 10 now she still acts like a little puppy! Due to all her problems we cannot give her any other food so we use the kibbles as treats for her as well. Now we only spend £25 every couple of months on dog food and are saving a fortune but at the same time we are giving our dog a superb quality food which she is really getting wonderful benefits from!
We and Jess are much happier to be helping out a smaller family run business which will really make a difference then spending a fortune on a huge brand that fills their dog food full of rubbish causing dogs to be unhealthy!
Thank you very much Little Chompers – fantastic dog food, very very reasonable (unbeatable) prices for natural and superb quality food and thank you for a fantastic service!

Debs Said…


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