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Special offer for Facebook fans!

Throughout November, we are running a special offer on Facebook. As a thank you for being a fan, we’re giving everyone who likes the Little Chompers page 5% off their orders. To receive the code, all you need to do is hit the ‘Like’ button then click on the ‘Special Offers’ tab under our cover picture. The discount code can be used on all orders until November 30th 2013 (not valid with other offers). We’re looking forward to seeing you over on Facebook! Don’t forget we are on Twitter and Pinterest too. Join our community of animal lovers to get more special offers and pet advice plus see a few pictures of our gorgeous dogs.

Foods that dogs should never eat

Most dog owners are well aware of the dangers of feeding chocolate to their pet. However, there are lots of other foods lurking in your kitchen and garden that are harmful to dogs. Be very weary if the following are in easy reach of curious snouts… Peaches, damsons and plums Although fine in your fruit bowl, peaches, plums and damsons contain stones that can cause your dog lots of discomfort. Ingesting these stones can result in intestinal obstruction and enteritis – inflammation of the small intestine. Symptoms of this painful condition include vomiting, fever and black tarry faeces known as melena. Be vigilant if you have fruit trees in your garden – immediately pick up any fallen...

Welcome to our New Website

THE NEW LITTLE CHOMPERS WEBSITE HAS GONE LIVE! As you can see we are very excited to announce that our new website is up and running! We hope you will agree that the all new is more user-friendly, clearer and offers an even wider range of products than ever before. You will also notice that we are now selling cat food, fish pond sticks and small animal food on the new site, as well as our hypoallergenic dog food and working dog food, so don’t forget to stock up and take advantage of the huge 30kg postage weight allowance! Take a look at our Twitter and Facebook pages and be sure to follow / like to be kept up to date with latest news and offers. We intend...