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Beware hidden hazards on the beach

Summer is here and your dog is tugging at the leash to explore all the new sights and smells that a beach trip has to offer. Take care though; the coastline can harbour hidden dangers for man and beast. Following our previous post on toxic plants, we take a closer look at how to protect your dog and enjoy your holiday together, safely. Seaweed is not a tasty treat Seaweed can have many health benefits for your hound – that’s why many of our foods contain seaweed extract. However, a full-sized plant lying on the beach should definitely not be eaten.  Having spent hours drying in the hot sun, a large frond is reduced to a finger-sized stem. Once rehydrated in your dog’s stomach, the...

Quiz: Which famous dog are you most like?

  Remember the saying that dog owners end up looking like their pets? Well there are a lot of cartoon canines out there too. We thought it would be fun to find out which famous pooch you’re most like. Take our quiz to see whether you share personality traits with Gromit or are more like Goofy in real life. Once you’re done, share the result with your friends so they can have a go too! Click here to take the quiz
A dog running across the grass

How food can affect your dog’s behaviour

Take a walk down your local supermarket pet food aisle and it’s very likely you will be met with a baffling array of dog foods to choose from. So which is right for man’s best friend? The quality of food on offer can vary greatly and can affect not just your dog’s health and wellbeing, but behaviour too. If you seek help for your pet’s undesirable activities, professionals will often first ask what you are feeding them. For some time now, food nutritionists and animal behaviourists have recognised that there is a direct link between what we feed our dogs and common negative behaviours such as hyperactivity, jumping and aggression. It is common to believe that because your pet...
Poisonous plants for dogs

Enjoy the great outdoors with your dog – safely!

The warm summer sun is out and your dog can’t wait to run free and snuffle in the undergrowth. Nibbling on strange things is part of the fun of exploring for your pet but do take care. There can be some tempting but unpleasant greenery hiding in the bushes or along the front of a neighbour’s flower border. Here are some common, unsuspecting plants to look out for when enjoying the great outdoors with your dog. All are toxic, some can cause allergies or could even be fatal. Azalea – all parts of this plant are poisonous and can prove fatal if eaten in large enough quantities. Bracken – ingestion of this plant can to health problems including acute haemorrhagic syndrome, blindness and...
Puppy nutrition

Meeting the nutrition needs of your puppy

Your new little bundle has arrived, bringing with him all the excitement that a puppy inevitably brings. However, in addition to the cuddles and attention, your young pet will be relying on you to give him the best start when it comes to feeding. Good nutrition is paramount at any stage in your dog’s life but puppies have different nutritional requirements to adult dogs. A high quality food that is correctly balanced is therefore essential. What are their specific needs? Puppies grow at the impressive rate of 20 times faster than adult dogs and require regular feeding. However, large meals won’t do – puppies need to be fed small quantities to avoid overwhelming their immature digestive...
Little Chompers Dog Food

How NOT to make a dog’s dinner out of feeding your pet

The quality of dog food is a hot topic right now and for good reason. For a long time, little attention has been paid to what actually goes into our pets’ food. However, owners are now waking up to the realisation that what we feed our four-legged friends has a direct impact not just on their health and well-being but on their behaviour too. We humans seem to be obsessed with reading our food packaging labels and our dogs rely on us to read theirs! Hyperactive or aggressive? In recent weeks and months, several TV programmes and articles have been published that demonstrate the link between what we feed our dogs and their behaviour. For years, dog behaviourists and nutritionists...
Tips for a shiny coat

Keep your dog smart with a shiny coat

Your dog relies on you to make sure his skin is in great condition and his coat looks fabulously shiny. There is certainly plenty you can do to keep your precious pooch looking and feeling in tip top condition. Only feed him the best quality food Feeding your dog a high quality pet food is one of the most important things you can do for him. Not only does it keep his coat looking immaculate but ensures he’s healthy on the inside too. Hypoallergenic food is a fantastic way of achieving this – it has been carefully formulated by leading nutritionists to provide exactly the right balance of nutrients to keep your dog in great shape, both inside and out. Hypoallergenic food contains...
Dog food

Is your dog suffering from a food allergy? Try switching to hypoallergenic food!

How often do you stop to consider what you are actually feeding your dog? Both the health benefits and negative effects of the food we humans eat are well documented, but it is just as important to give our precious pooches the same consideration. After all, they are part of the family too! Hypoallergenic dog food offers the very best in balanced nutrition and considers all the health benefits needed to keep your pet in tip-top condition. Your dog can be susceptible to allergies (sensitivities) to food ingredients, just like us. This may be something they are born with, or develop after a period of time. Only the best ingredient The hypoallergenic dog food range has been specially...
Christmas delivery

Orders over the festive season

December has arrived so we would like to send all our customers best wishes for the upcoming festive season. To ensure that you do not run out of your dog’s favourite food over the holiday period, please place all orders by 10am on Wednesday 18th December. All orders placed by then will be delivered by December 24th, weather permitting! Christmas is a time for fun, family, and of course, feasting. However, not all those delicious treats on the table are safe for your pets. Keep harmful foods like chocolate-covered nuts and chicken bones well out of reach. You can find out about other poisonous foods for pooches on our blog post. While we are getting ready for Santa’s arrival, we’re...
December offer

Save money this December

Although many towns have their Christmas lights up already, the beginning of December is when the festivities really kick off. This year, we want to give you and your four-legged friends an early present. Stock up on dog food in preparation for snowy days or kick start your pet’s healthy regime with our hypoallergenic food. In fact, purchase anything from our online shop and save some pennies with 5% off. All you need to do is give us a like on Facebook. That’s right, we’ve extended our offer so our customers have more to spend on festive fun this December. To receive the code, click on the ‘Special Offers’ tabs after you’ve given us a thumbs up. The...