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How food can affect your dog’s behaviour

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Take a walk down your local supermarket pet food aisle and it’s very likely you will be met with a baffling array of dog foods to choose from. So which is right for man’s best friend? The quality of food on offer can vary greatly and can affect not just your dog’s health and wellbeing, but behaviour too.

If you seek help for your pet’s undesirable activities, professionals will often first ask what you are feeding them. For some time now, food nutritionists and animal behaviourists have recognised that there is a direct link between what we feed our dogs and common negative behaviours such as hyperactivity, jumping and aggression.

It is common to believe that because your pet pooch has always been naturally jumpy, or perhaps a little snappy, that it is just the way he is. A change in diet may reveal something different though. Do remember, it must be gradual, will take time and is not a replacement for seeking professional advice. This should always be sought when making any changes to diet – but it could reveal surprising results.

Shop around for the best quality

Whilst there is plenty of choice available, it pays to shop around. At Little Chompers, we provide a wide range of high quality foods, made with the best ingredients that ensure your dog remains fit, healthy and better natured. What’s more, all our foods are hypoallergenic, meaning that they are easily digested and unlikely to cause adverse reactions – view our range here.

Every ingredient we use serves a purpose. We don’t use cheap fillers, additives or colourants. Fillers are common in many pet foods and help to keep the cost down by bulking out the food. However, they may leave your dog unfulfilled and tempted to scavenge. That’s why we only use high quality grains including barley and rice for slow-release energy, keeping your dog fuller for longer!

Try Little Chompers and see what a difference it could make

We would love to introduce you to the Little Chompers range of dog food. Click here to choose a sample to try for free. Many of our customers have already taken advantage and the feedback has been very encouraging! Don’t forget – you won’t find us in the supermarkets!

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