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Is your dog suffering from a food allergy? Try switching to hypoallergenic food!

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Dog food

How often do you stop to consider what you are actually feeding your dog? Both the health benefits and negative effects of the food we humans eat are well documented, but it is just as important to give our precious pooches the same consideration. After all, they are part of the family too!
Hypoallergenic dog food offers the very best in balanced nutrition and considers all the health benefits needed to keep your pet in tip-top condition. Your dog can be susceptible to allergies (sensitivities) to food ingredients, just like us. This may be something they are born with, or develop after a period of time.

Only the best ingredient

The hypoallergenic dog food range has been specially formulated by leading nutritionists and contains carefully selected, natural ingredients, which recognise the unique needs of your dog. It can successfully clear the symptoms of allergies including persistent itching or dry skin patches and prevent them from occurring in the future. Free from the common causes of food allergies, such as wheat gluten, cereals and artificial preservatives and colours, hypoallergenic dog food only uses premium ingredients including human-grade meats, carefully sourced grains (no GM), oils and fish, ensuring every aspect of your pet’s health is taken care of.

Kind to your pets, kind to your wallet

From a healthy heart to strong muscles and healthy teeth and bones, every ingredient serves a purpose. There are no cheap fillers, meaning you will not need to feed as much when compared with cheaper pet food brands, so not only will your dog thank you, but your wallet will too! Switching to hypoallergenic food could save you nearly 50% of the price of a comparative premium brand dog food, offering excellent value for money.

Tried and tested

We all want the very best for our pets, so the food we provide for them is crucial to keep them happy and healthy. Here at Little Chompers, we only make food that we would feel comfortable feeding our own dogs. Many of our regular customers pay testament to the benefits of hypoallergenic pet food, with many dog owners reporting numerous benefits including shinier coats, healthier digestive tracts and even improved behaviour. The Little Chompers range of dog food is trusted by many loyal customers, including boarding kennels and breeders – so why not give hypoallergenic food a try? Your best (canine!) friend will be glad you did!

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